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What’s New At Furla? We Interview Creative Director Fabio Fusi.

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What’s New At Furla? We Interview Creative Director Fabio Fusi.

Furla’s sophisticated animal motifs for handbags and accessories has lead the fashion trend for the past few years but at the height of popularity Furla’s creative director Fabio Fusi switched the brand to something completely new.

Editor Nichelle Cole recently met with the creative director to discover the motivation behind the style change and to find out what’s new at Furla for Fall 2018.

What originally sparked the animal motif design for Furla’s handbag and accessories collections?

The beginning was to carry with us our pet, the animal we have at home that we love the most.

What is new at Furla for Fall 2018?

(Furla designs) are much more sporty looking and street wear looking compared to previous seasons.

Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19
Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19

What are the textiles and materials?

(The key materials) are technical velvet and futuristic coated nylan, both of them are very durable.

Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19
Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19
Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19
Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19
Furla Fall/ Winter 2018-19

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