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Tour Antonio Marras’ New Fashion Exhibition With Riccardo Pianezzola.

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Tour Antonio Marras’ New Fashion Exhibition With Riccardo Pianezzola.

An Exclusive by Riccardo Pianezzola

The dark new exhibition by fashion designer Antonio Marras is an artistic display of Marras’ creative method. The exhibition “Nulla dies sine linea”, which loosely translates to “not a day without drawing”, offers an unparalleled view into the ritualistic exercise Antonio Marras has to perform, making sketches and installations, trying to reach perfection and to achieve the good things that life can offer.

For Marras’ art exposition philosophy, he plays with everything that could be an artistic material which he uses for an intimate and disturbing look into his personal history- his island, his dogs, his relations, relationships and rags.

Some of the material subjects which hes’s had physical relationships are presented in this exhibition as a hand to hand fight; a fight between past and present, between light and shadows, a fight in which all traces of humanity are outwardly lost and at the same time rediscovered in abandonment through the wistful objects: collages, patchworks, photography, object trouvè, installations and paintings.

Antonio Marras (center) with Riccardo Pianezzola (right) and model Fallou Gueye (far left) at the Antonio Marras exhibition titled “Nulla dies sine linea” photo ©Paloma Montanaro

Don’t go to this exposition if you’re not strong of heart: you could risk to lose your mental stability between the horrific paintings that remind me of Picasso’s African period of creation to the troubling references of sexual restlessness, from the terrifying children’s classroom to the giant ladies towering  monstrously to the ceiling.  All is displayed in sorrow in a darkened space, eerily lit so you lose your perception of time.

From my point of view, I feel the need to give just two words for this exposition: ghastly noble.


Antonio Marras “Nulla dies sine linea”
October 22  through January 21 2017
Triennale Milano
viale Alemagna 6
Milan, Italy

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