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Designer Vladimiro Gioia Chats With Us About Art, Fashion & Design Evolutions.

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Designer Vladimiro Gioia Chats With Us About Art, Fashion & Design Evolutions.

At fashion week the pace is hectic, designers attentions are split and time is limited. So to get a more in-depth look into the mind’s of fashion’s best emerging designers we grabbed five minutes to ask about their new collection, their most evolutionary piece this season and what’s on their night-table …

What is the color story behind the Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection?

Autumn colors: black, light blue, powder pink, burgundy and sage.

I used these colors from nature because they best tell the collection’s story: they mirror my frame of mind and reflect how I feel about the collection.

Cape, Vladimiro Gioiay. Photo by Lola Montanaro (February 2017) © The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC

Which piece this season pushed the envelope in innovation and design?

First of all, the FW2017-18 highlights are the dresses with pleats on silk chiffon. The embroidered dresses with precious stones on silk crèpe are also a featured highlight.

I also have to say, don’t miss details like the jeweled-studded embroidering that underlines the “rock and roll spirit’ of the collection.

But the most innovative design technique was applied to the furs. It’s the first time we’ve ever embroidered silver on mink!

What’s on your nightstand? (What do you read, eat, drink or do before bed?)

I usually listen to music and read books on art, but my favorite are biographies about artists from the past. It’s interesting to discover how they lived and what was important to them. It helps me to better understand their creations.

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