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Editors’ Picks: Cool Lifestyle Technology Gadgets


Editors’ Picks: Cool Lifestyle Technology Gadgets

Today there is a constant inflow of great technology gadgets, thanks to smart brand innovations, and independent developer campaigns launched through programs like Kickstarters and IndieGoGo.

Here are the editors’ picks of cool lifestyle technology gadgets on the market.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

M_mediaMain(Switzerland) Tthe Nespresso Pixie Espress Maker is the latest edition to the Nespresso line. The espresso cafe capsules, made exclusively for Nespresso coffee makers, deliver a flawless espresso every time. The machine includes programmable buttons for espresso and lungo cafe’s, a folding drip tray for larger cups and recipes. The smallest Nespresso machine ever, this stylish little dynamo adds impact to your kitchenscape with its sleek, urban design and gleaming chrome finish.  And for color lovers, the pixie comes with changeable side panels in 8 different styles.

Price: $183.24

HP Virtual Reality Display

HP Zvr 23.6-inch Virtual Reality Display

(USA) HP is on a roll lately with innovative new products. First it announced the HP Sprout monitor which has a secondary display used for scanning objects. But the new HP Zvr is so much cooler.  The 3D holographic image monitor not only projects 3-dimensional images but can also detect your head position so you can interact with virtual objects.

Price: ($TBA)


touchscreen-gloves-814x458(Netherlands) Dutch design house Mujjo is the latest maker to try and solve the perpetual problem of cold fingers and touchscreen phones. Fleece, leather and silver-coated nylon fabric make its new ‘Refined’ gloves stylish but functional, allowing you to click and swipe with ease.

Price: €24.95

Sol pro Helios solar charger

(USA) The Sol pro Helios Solar charger is a solar powered smart charger. With three high-efficiency solar panels, maximum power point tracking, and the smart charge algorithm, Helios can collect enough solar energy in 90 minutes to charge your smartphone. With two USB ports, the device can charge your phone, as it draws energy directly from the sun, even if the charger itself is at zero.

Price: $159

LIFX Lightbulb

LIFX Lightbulb
LIFX Lightbulb

(USA) The LIFX Lightbulb is a hostess’ dream.  The LIFX LED WiFi bulb offers you the ability to change the lighting with near infinite color changing options (up to 16 million different colors). The LIFX bulb requires no hub for operation, and functions using your existing WiFi. Used in conjunction with your smartphone, the integrated music effects will pulsate your lighting to the music of your choice making it ideal for parties and social events. Easy to install, DIY friendly, and IFTTT compatible, this long lasting LED bulb will provide over 22 years of illumination.

Price: from $99

Gogoro Smartscooter

(Taiwan) The Gogoro scooter is the world’s first and only electric powered smart-scooter.  ‘No noise, no fumes, no fuss’, every component of the all-electric scooter is precision engineered to ensure the entire system works smarter, stays cooler and goes further on less energy. The Gogoro scooter operates on batteries which can be changed easily.

It can be paired with your smartphone which give it a range of 60 miles and it features a digital display and comes with two removable batteries.

Price: from 4,100

Skully Helmet

skully-helmet-copy(USA) The Skully motocycle is one of the most talked about creations in wearable tech.  The helmet is quipped with a heads-up display, a 180-degree rearview camera and GPS navigation, this DOT-approved helmet also lets you voice-control your phone and music. The Skully hit the market in July 2015 and is still in back-order, despite its hefty price tag.

Price: $1,500

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