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Chic Tech: Robot Vacuum Cleaner By Karim Rashid.


Chic Tech: Robot Vacuum Cleaner By Karim Rashid.

Smart home devices are now commonplace with a whole host of cool connected accessories and appliances. Living in an age where fridges connect to the internet and cutlery is Bluetooth-enabled is really cool but often times these smart appliances fall short in the area of style.  And isn’t that just as important?

The latest product design by Karim Rashid ventures into the realm of smart home appliances and lucky for us it is as chic and modern as any other Karim design.

The Karim Rashid robot vacuum cleaner

The best home gadgets are those that can adapt to innovations in the marketplace and in interior design. The Karim Rashid robot vacuum cleaner uses IMD technology which allows sophisticated graphics and functions on resin products with complex 3D geometries. The smart gadget’s user-friendly interface, automatic sweeping intelligence and chic hyper-minimal look is a big win in function and style.

And the new tech machine inches us ever closer to that Wakanda future depicted in Black Panther, oh and the Jetsons.

Robot Sweeper. The Jetsons.



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