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Who Wouldn’t Want A Jeff Koons Inflatable?

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Who Wouldn’t Want A Jeff Koons Inflatable?

You’ll no doubt be getting Jeff Koons vibes from the hilarious yet awesome Fatboy Big Dog, which mimics the design aesthetic of a balloon animal, but takes things to a much larger level. Crafted in 3 distinct grey tones to ensure you aren’t filling your home with party favors, the Fatboy Big Dog is designed to be a work of art that can easily double as a seat. Made of PVC, the Fatboy Big Dog is the perfect addition to a backyard pool party where guests can interact with the hilarious installation and snap a necessary selfie.

Suitable for kids and adults alike, the Fatboy Big Dog is a statement piece that you’ll likely have to be mentally prepared to allow into your home, as it measures a staggering 98-inches in height.

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