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Instagram’s New Policy, “Artistic Nipples Welcome!”

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Instagram’s New Policy, “Artistic Nipples Welcome!”

Artistic nipples. Gender-less nipples. Breastfeeding nipples. Instagram is dancing around freeing the nipple and we’ve had enough. What is the deal?

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explained that Apple’s App Store, which houses Instagram, has stringent policies when it comes to inappropriate content. According to Systrom, if Instagram runs up against these rules in any way — like allowing the posting of nipples — the app runs the risk of being banned from the store.

Despite the censorship the company is “committed to artistic freedom,” Systrom said, according to Business Insider. He also admits, however, that “in order to scale effectively, there are [some] tough calls” — banning certain nipple images included.

These are the nipples that are OK, and not OK according to Instagram.

Artistic Nipples – OK.

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#nippleart #nippleblacknwhite

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Genderless Nipples – OK!

Breastfeeding Nipples – Ok!

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Repost from @bennierose // THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

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Just Nipples – not OK.

At the end of the day, women’s breasts are perceived as sexy, sexual and private. Unlike the male breast, our bare breasts are somehow considered to be more of an indecent exposure than the flatter, hairier nipples of the male.

The truth is female breast exposure is only uncomfortable because of the climate of judgment we have created around it. Furthermore, as Instagram shows us, we are hyper sensitive about which breasts we celebrate and which breasts are “okay” to publicize.

And while women are equally exposed to the chiseled chests of young muscular men and the droopy hanging folds of older men, we have been raised to believe it is normal. Whereas, ours are somehow private, hidden and superhuman in their ability to affect the masses and cause chaos.

What power and limitation we have as women.

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