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Gucci Osteria Designs A Burger With A Michelin Star Chef.

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Gucci Osteria Designs A Burger With A Michelin Star Chef.

The Chanel Cafe in Japan (the only one in the world) has a quilted, Chanel handbag cake. The gourmet Versace restaurant in Australia serves Lamb loin wellington on Versace china. And now the Gucci Osteria in Florence serves an American style hamburger designed by a Michelin Chef.

Carré Chanel Cake
Carré Chanel Cake

This isn’t just any burger, it’s a Shake Shack burger. Michelin Chef Massimo Bottura created it in collaboration with the American burger chain for the New York City Marathon. When Karime López, chef de cuisin of Gucci Osteria in Florence, learned about the legendary burger she decided to adapt the recipe and add it to the menu.

To mark the occasion, photographer, art director and artist Max Siedentopf photographed the Gucci burger in all its glory.

The patty consists of Chianina meat and cotechino sausage. It’s dressed with Parmagiano Reggiano, salsa verde—translated as green sauce—parsley, anchovies and capers, and mayonnaise laced with sweet, thick balsamic vinegar.

The "Gucci Burger" photographed by Max Siedentopf (photo: Gucci)
The “Gucci Burger” photographed by Max Siedentopf (photo: Gucci)

The American inspired dish is not a permanent menu item and like all great fast food, is available for a limited time only.

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