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This Is Glam-Camping In The Great Outdoors.

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This Is Glam-Camping In The Great Outdoors.

Glam-camping is camping with amenities including fresh bed linens, custom design furnishings, and private verandas.

Developed by South Korea-based company ‘Archiworkshop’ the glam-camping tent collection was designed to enhance the act of camping into a luxurious retreat. This line specifically had the extravagant camper in mind.


Titled ‘Glamping for Glampers,’ the tents feature an eco-friendly design and a modern appearance. All of the tents are designed to look like small, white spherical homes with quaint patios and custom made furniture pieces. Additionally, the tents feature “a modern white interior balanced with wall murals painted by local artists.”

This glamping tent collection is ideal for those who want to experience the great outdoors with the luxury of sleeping in comfort and style.

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