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Bottega Ristorante Debuts With A Modern Take On Italian Cuisine.

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Bottega Ristorante Debuts With A Modern Take On Italian Cuisine.

Bottega Ristorante located at Mega Kuningan, in The Golden Triangle of Jakarta’s central Business District, opened in January 2015 to immediate success.  Bottega Ristorante is one of the newest European concept restaurants in the capital of Indonesia. The concept design was inspired by ‘La Dolce Vita’ the 1960s Italian comedy – drama film written and directed by Federico Fellini. The film follows journalist Marcello Rubini for seven days and seven nights as he wanders Rome in a fruitless search of love and happiness.  It is the films Italian glamour and style that Bottega Ristorante aimed to replicate.

A first step inside the restaurant is an introduction to the six main elements repeated through-out the space that make for the dramatic interiors.  The combination of steel, copper, brass, wood, terrazzo and mosaic tiles was the designer’s way of mixing industrial design with posh materials, blending modern and elegant all at once.

16 copyThe space offers a choice to dine alfresco, in the main dining area, or at the bar. Dining alfresco means eating in a communal space which affords views of a surrounding garden created exclusively for the pleasure of the patrons. Materials used outdoors are herringbone patterned wood, granite, cobalt stone and terrazzo with sleek brass inlay. The alfresco dining area is sheltered by a glass canopy, while the building’s facade is covered by unpolished steel.


Dominating the main dining area are mosaic tiles in peacock feather patterns which line the walls and the floor in an extravagant manner.  The pattern scales towards the kitchen’s copper facade at the end of the main dining area. Copper is also applied on the ceiling, sofa, window screens and communal table. Also in the main dining area, an artistic installation of hanging filament bulbs mixed with half bowl silver bulbs further adds to the luxurious notion of the restaurant.


An elegant bar settles on the right and features a large picture window which frames the space, while the mahogany wood bar acts as the centerpiece.


The menu is inspired by Italian cuisine but operates more as a fusion of Italian and French fare.

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