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Roman Kozak: Alexander McQueen’s Forest Nymphs.

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Roman Kozak: Alexander McQueen’s Forest Nymphs.

Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton fw16 collection, London

Reviewing the new collection of Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, I am charmed by beautiful nymphs. The more I look, the more I cannot take my eyes off of them. Light blouses, shiny floral dresses and magical coats amaze me!

Alexander McQueen fw16

And the models with their dreamy eyes and their disheveled hair ornamented with flowers… I’m in Dreamland…

Backstage at Alexander McQueen London RTW Fall 2016

But wait, I’m here to find one beautiful piece for my princess! What a powerful magic these nymphs have! Looking at McQueen’s runway show I really love these floral motifs and butterflies placed on long coats and dresses. The embroidery of the butterflies and mythical animals add a dreamy magic effect. Too the silver chain links joining glimmering charms in the shapes of stars, cherubs and jewel encrusted eyes have a charming and delicate look; I see them also on sandals and on dresses.

Alexander McQueen fw16

My girlfriend likes to wear light textures, partially-transparent dresses and blouses so if I were to add a new item it would be one of the black coats. Sarah Burton proposes leather, woolen cloth and cashmere for coats this season. I don’t see a leather one in a style my princess would like, but I know she would love one of the cashmere coats. Especially the one with the black fur collar! It will make a beautiful contrast to her shiny skin and her waving blonde hair.

Alexander McQueen fw16

I have to say that this collection is very strong, with wide choices for women to wear in the next autumn and winter season. Alexander McQueen always remains in my head a traditional, charming and amazing brand that shows us combinations of fragility and strength, fluidity and severity – and that’s their trump card in hand!

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