Simonetta Ravizza Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: courtesy Simonetta Ravizza)

Rocker Appeal: Simonetta Ravizza Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

Simonetta Ravizza presented a wild, commercially appealing collection for fall/ winter 2019-20 led by skintight latex and sharp stiletto heels.

The Fashion Plate

Simonetta Ravizza Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Every look seemed paired with a classic cotton t-shirt embroidered with a fur, leopard print or classic mink pocket. The drop style essential worked well as a modern item under bouclé wool coats worn easily by men and women.

The procession of light and simple designs, the fur and down chubbies, classic trousers and blazers, and simple tees, styled as non-chalant, rocker ensembles, is very on trend with what young people are looking for these day.

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