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No. 21 Pre-Fall 2018.

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No. 21 Pre-Fall 2018.

For No. 21 designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua is still trying to find his way. At this level there is typically a very strong concept. The woman is clearly defined. But No. 21 designs do not make a defining statement they are more like luxury staple pieces and basics. They are of high quality, they are beautifully tailored, attractive but subdued. “It’s a more relaxed, more casual way of dressing”, Alessandro said in an interview, “I’m not making cocktail dresses, evening wear anymore.”


The Pre-fall 2018 collection captures the anonymity of the No. 21 woman. There isn’t anything that particularly stands out or is revealing and yet there is an undeniable quality.



Like you are looking at someone famous, someone really special but you can’t quite place her.



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