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N°21 Spring 2017 Collection

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N°21 Spring 2017 Collection

Penned by Roman Kozak

The new N°21 collection for women by Alessandro Dell’Acqua was created with the idea to break the rules and to build something new! I am always excited for the N°21 collections. And this season I was more excited than ever as I was attending a live show for the first time along-side my editor-in-chief Nichelle Cole.

Roman Kozak, left, with Editor-In-Chief Nichelle Cole wearing an Edward Achour blouse, Delfrance Ribeiro pleated leather skirt, ring by Valentina Brunatelli with handbag by Bucci. photo: ©Paloma Montanaro

It was a unique show, made more so by the choice of location. Ultra-feminine looks were shown in a downtown style warehouse which looked a lot like an airplane hangar.

Numeroventuno presented a great new collection in which the combination of floral prints, stripes and sportswear worked seamlessly together. The pieces made of macramé contrasted with the organza. The floral motifs inspired by the East European folk style-print, foulards, fit in well with colorful pastel stripes. As usual the designer played with metallic patterns combining them with bright colors strategically placed to enhance the female silhouette.

The intent of this collection was to show women in the best light, with her femininity emphasized. Instead of focusing purely on feminine looks, the designer borrowed from men’s wear which he designed in traditionally feminine textiles such as lace and floral prints resulting in a collection that was modern, forward and strong.



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Nichelle Cole is the founder & creative director of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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