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Mario Dice Spring 2017 Collection

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Mario Dice Spring 2017 Collection

Penned by: Melissa Lupo

Mario Dice is a renowned Italian designer but the mood of his SS17 collection is more than international, it’s mystical.

You know when you actually enjoy reading the press release the show is going to keep your attention, and Dice did not disappoint.

A collection inspired by Mademoiselle Marie Anne Lenormand, this famous fortune teller told the future to some of the most famous names of the past, including Josephine Bonaparte.

With an ongoing quest to highlight womanhood, Dice presents pieces that run the gamut of female sensuality, mysticism and power. The story is woven into the fabrics of the collection, making it a transformative experience that feels almost spiritual. There are illusions to the East and markers of the Kabbalah realized in geometrical patterns on sexy form fitting pants and then lush volumes of ethereal broderie anglaise organzas and prints on crepe de Chine creating flowing visions of soft femininity and grace.

The designer includes his favorite quote: “The destiny that so troubles us is accepted in all its uncertainty.” EHFAR

There is a feeling of curiosity and an unapologetic tone to the mood of collection that feels empowering and ancient, granting freedom, and celebrating the unknown.mario-dice-ss17_7mario-dice-ss17_6mario-dice-ss17_5mario-dice-ss17_4mario-dice-ss17_3mario-dice-ss17_2mario-dice-ss17_1

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