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Grinko Mixes The Victorian Era With Eighties Punk.

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Grinko Mixes The Victorian Era With Eighties Punk.

The Grinko fall 2016 collection was presented in a tight white space. It was a bit oppressive. Maybe it was the lack of windows. Everything was white, the walls, the benches, even the concrete floor was painted the same stark white.

But as the lights dimmed and the first model walked the narrow runway I began to appreciate the space as more of a blank canvas used to shine a light on the richness of the Grinko fall 2016 collection.

Grinko fall 2016 details
Grinko fall 2016

Grinko experiments with the neo-romantic theme, mixing different eras and styles one might expect of  the Japanese culture.

Grinko fall 2016 details

The beauty of the collection is in the  innovative use of knitwear- a technique in which the textile is spun to a new degree of lightness.


The collection also features a new lace crochet, designed by Sergei Grinko himself, that is lifted and layered to stunning 3D effect.

Grinko fall 2016



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