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Cividini Knitwear Returns To Its Sustainable Roots.

Cividini knitwear (photo: Cividini)
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Cividini Knitwear Returns To Its Sustainable Roots.

Elegant clean lines, virtuous raw materials and superior craftsmanship was how Cividini began. Their clothing was made from fine yarns such as cashmere, alpaca and silk and produced by hand looms. The Cividini knitwear ran in small batches and each item received a serial number and special packaging.

But technology advancements changed the way Cividini made clothes. Cividini incorporated synthetic fabrics, more mass production techniques, and eventually those hand looms were locked in an archive. This is not a judgement, they needed to keep up with modern times and the competition.

Cividini Knitwear: Back to its Origins.

Today, as the modernization of fashion and its impact on the environment becomes well known, Cividini responds with a call to action. Co-founder Piero Cividini promised “a new upcycling philosophy”, stating recycling as part of Cividini’s culture now and more of a priority. The announcement precedes the release of Cividini’s new handmade knitwear capsule collection.

Cividini takes a fully sustainable approach with this new unisex series combining upcycled and recycled yarns. The multicolor and multifilament reclaimed materials are different colored yarns sourced from fabric warehouses, where normally they are chemically reduced to pulp or destroyed. Cividini placed the discarded materials in the hands of Italian master crafts knitters, who unlocked the vault to Cividini’s original hand looms to create something special.

The Cividini knitwear CO-ED collection features a small series of limp turtlenck sweaters and blanket like scarves. Surprisingly, the quality and textures of the diverse materials fare well together. The multifilament fibers are expertly woven into blocks and slats. And the multicolor threads run naturally through the textile like veins in Carrara marble.

For the campaign Cividini modeled the fine designs in an enticing manner showcasing their comfort, ease and delicacy.

Cividini CO_ED capsule collection. (photo: Cividini)
Cividini CO_ED capsule collection. (photo: Cividini)

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