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At Simonetta Ravizza Fur Takes Center Stage.

Fashion Week

At Simonetta Ravizza Fur Takes Center Stage.

When I arrived for the Simonetta Ravizza fashion show during Milan Fashion Week I was surprised to see protesters. This is my first show with the designer and I am not familiar with the design history. My confusion is short lived as the lights dimmed and model after model hit the runway in the most incredible fur coats I’ve ever seen.


With designers like Armani pledging to go fur-free I cannot help but wonder if Simonetta Ravizza will eventually follow suit.

The preciousness of fur is showcased uniquely. Innovative details such as patchwork, contrasting piping, maxi sleeves and martingales are sartorial and unconventional.

The designer featured the coats in natural hues and modern shapes; a standout being a kimono with a two-tone belt in mink.


Coats ranged in demibuff and selvaggiato mink, sable, chinchilla and red fox. It was an ever-flowing mix of furs shining bright as toppers over the mostly black & white collection.

The overall look is aristocratic and luxurious and conveys a new femininity. One that is elegant and relaxed, self confident and free spirited.

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