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ANNAKIKI’s “fashion preservation” at #MFW SS2017

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ANNAKIKI’s “fashion preservation” at #MFW SS2017

Penned by Roman Kozak

Annakiki presented her collection with a new concept titled REVIVE, not a colorful revival, but one of thought and preservation. The designer was inspired by the illustrator Kaye Blegvad whose famous illustrations accompanied by thought provoking statements has rendered the artist quite a following.

Designer of AnnaKiki

The show’s theme titled “preservation of fashion” – was re-interpreted into reality, at the presentation pieces were exhibited in large vacuum sealed bags suspended from rods.  It triggered deep thought about fashion’s past, present –  and the roles designers want to play in the sustainable future.

The models stood strong almost like knights bearing the meaning of fashion and its place in our future…

The simplicity of black and white operated as an extension on the season’s trend of stripes. Annakiki created amazing visual effects similar to a mix of retro motion pictures with time and space in ever constant motion.


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