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Adeam’s Harmonious Spring 2017 Collection.

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Adeam’s Harmonious Spring 2017 Collection.

New York:  SHODO, an art of calligraphy in Japan, eschews the quality of being pure and beautiful in mind and conduct. The Spring 2017 Adeam collection takes inspiration from the beautiful Shodo philosophy with clean simple pieces, every look is connected and easily paired with the other offering a sense of serenity and fluidity in a woman’s wardrobe.

The shodo calligraphy appears as embroidered brushstroke patterns on the sleeves of crisp white cotton shirts and lightweight twill parkas, on ruched blouses and twisted silk dresses. A colorful calligraphy print seen on an asymmetrical dress brought in all the colors of the collection — red, ceramic blue, beige and black.

The relaxed mood of the pieces is best expressed with the off-the-shoulder design, a  popular style trend by designers the past few seasons.


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