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Roman Kozak: New Era Of Climber, A New Menswear Style.

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Roman Kozak: New Era Of Climber, A New Menswear Style.

By: Roman Kozak

During Men’s Fashion Week S/S 2017 the brand CLIMBER B. C. opened their new showroom in Milan, which also happens to be their first one in Italy. I was lucky enough to garner an invitation through The Fashion Plate Magazine to their opening party. And shortly after arriving I knew I wanted to introduce this menswear brand to you.

The founders of the brand are the four Samsama brothers from Turkey, who in 1985 started their business out of a small atelier in Adiyaman, an ancient Turkish city along the Silk Road and now a Unesco World Heritage Site. Ten years later, with their creativity and business skills they started the CLIMBER B. C. brand in 1995. One of brothers, Mthat Samsama, presented the brand at the Pitti show in Florence five years ago and now Climber is back with it’s first brick and mortar establishment in Italy!

TFP journalist Roman Kozak, far right, at the opening of the first CLIMBER B. C. showroom in Italy, with designer Erkan Coruh (left), and the owner Mithat Samsama (center)

At the showroom opening, I had the opportunity to meet the creative director of the CLIMBER B. C. and Climber B. C. SARTORIAL, Erkan Çorun, the 2010 winner of the “Who is on next” prize, a globally recognized and coveted award offered to one designer each year in Italy.

Climber B. C. Sartorial campaign

Besides his personal  line that bears his name, he also creates amazing collections for Climber! The new colorful summer jackets and ornamented shirts for Spring 2017 were in Italian men’s style and the light moccasins emphasized the season’s hottest looks.

Climber Spring 2017 collection, photos by journalist Roman Kozak

In the same showroom Ümit Ünal, the main designer for the Black CLIMBER B. C. line presented a new collection in his “avant-garde” style. Leather pieces with metallic embellishment and interesting cuts on shirts and singlets gave an impression to wear them in the evening with a bad boy mood.

So far the brand has presented three of the five clothing lines in Italy. At the party, the theme of the new Climber B.C. collections was Migration. Both designers wanted to emphasize the migration of artisan concepts, together with industrial skills, from the world of Eastern traditions to the West. I like how CLIMBER presented this idea; I’d wear the jackets with the interesting eastern-motif embellished with a whittle (shawl). It would be perfect for one of Milan’s windy evenings going to La Scala theatre to catch a late show…

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