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Les Hommes Fall/Winter 2018-19: Born To Be Wild.

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Les Hommes Fall/Winter 2018-19: Born To Be Wild.

Les Hommes touched upon the romanticization of the “bad boy biker” image that exploded across America in the 50s thanks to the iconic film The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. Brando’s Strabler character and his fashion became images to aspire to, a representation of freedom and danger at the same time.

For the Fall/ Winter 2018-19 show Les Hommes outfitted models in Marlon Brando inspired looks featuring thick leather coats pierced and pieced as if well-worn. The coats matched wax coated trousers layered with leather sweat shirts, black leather gloves and metallic accessories. The models wore thick all-white sneakers and walk with strength and purpose.


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