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What to See & Do During Milan Fashion Week

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What to See & Do During Milan Fashion Week

A new energy has taken hold of Milan thanks to a series of artists, musicians, designers, influencers and stylists who have decided to make the city their home. In addition to the 70 shows planned at Milano Moda Donna many events are open to the public!

Milan Fashion Week Events

Portraits by Maurizio Galimberti

Italian bank, UniCredit, will host a retrospective of portraits by photographer Maurizio Galimberti. During the weekend, a series of Lectio Magistralis will be held in the VIP Lounge area, aimed at fans and students of fashion, design, art and photography schools.

In addition, lectures held and moderated by Mariateresa Cerretelli. Dates: – Friday 24 February, 5.00 – 6.30 pm, Finzione e Realtà with Piero Gemelli – Saturday 25 February, 5 – 6.30 pm, Faccia Da Schiaffi with Toni Thorimbert – Sunday 26 February, 5 – 6.30 pm,

What: Instant Artist with Maurizio Galimberti
When: From 22 to 27 February.
Where: Fashion Hub, UniCredit Pavilion, Piazza Gae Aulenti 10

Jewels of the 20th century

On show at the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, 150 works of Italian jewellery of the 20th century. An organic collection of exemplars show the value of Italian production, with the creativity and techniques adopted by the finest jewellers, goldsmiths and artists, starting with Buccellati, Alfredo Ravasco, Filippo Chiappe, Musy, Petochi, Codognato and Ascione. Then the ’40s, in the shadow of World War II, with the work of Cusi, Chantecler and Illario, not to mention the jewels designed by the artists Afro and Pomodoro. Then the ’60s and ’70s with the new Bulgari style; the ’80s and ’90s with jewels to be worn morning, noon and night by Pomellato, Giò Caroli and Rivière, and last but not least, the creations of the ‘Scuola di Padova’.

What: Jewels of the 20th Century
When: Now through 20th March
Where: Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Via Manzoni 12

Tel. +39 02.794889 |

Give Me Yesterday

The Osservatorio Program takes over the Fondazione Prada space. Photograph exhibition titled “Give Me Yesterday”, curated by Francesco Zanot, with a selection of over 50 works by 14 Italian and international artists: Melanie Bonajo, Kenta Cobayashi, Tomé Duarte, Irene Fenara, Lebohang Kganye, Vendula Knopová, Leigh Ledare, Wen Ling, Ryan McGinley, Izumi Miyazaki, Joanna Piotrowska, Greg Reynolds, Antonio Rovaldi and Maurice van Es. The show explores the use of photography as an intimate, everyday and personal diary over a period of time ranging from the start of the millennium up to the present day.

What: Give Me Yesterday
When: Now until 12th March
Where: Fondazione Prada L’Osservatorio. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Tel. +39 02.56662611 |

Manolo Blahnik: The Art Of Shoes

A retrospective curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz illustrates the wonderful world of Manolo Blahnik, one of the leading names in contemporary fashion. His creative career is retraced in Palazzo Morando where, along with the various historical collections, 80 sketches and 212 shoes covering 45 years of the designer’s activity will be on show. The exhibition aims to recount the profound influence that Italian art and culture has had and continue to have on his creations. Milan will be the opening stage for this exhibition, by virtue of the strong link between Blahnik and Italy; it will then be housed at the Hermitage in St Petersburg.

What: The Art of Shoes
When: Now until 9th April
Where: Palazzo Morando Via Sant’Andrea 6.

Tel. +39 02.88465735 |

Boom 60!

At the Museo del Novecento are protagonists of the most explosive years of the Italian economy with the exhibition BOOM 60! Era arte moderna. An exhibition dedicated to art in Italy around the turn of the 1960s, and its media presence in the most popular communication channels. Around 140 works of painting, sculpture and graphic art dialogue with the pages of magazines as well as movie and television footage, presenting ways of recounting art, from the front covers to the inquiries, from the critical columns to the adverts, from photojournalism to satire.

What: Boom 60!
When: Now until 12th March 2017
Where: Museo del Novecento, Via Marconi 1

Tel. +39 02.88444072

Science and Art at Fondazione Prada

Inside an artificial habitat, the American Michael Wang in Extinct in the Wild brings together various species of flora and fauna no longer existent in nature, bred only in captivity. In the spaces of the Galleria Nord, three glass and aluminium structures with artificial lights display a series of ‘extinct in nature’ elements, along with 20 photographs taken since 2014 by Wang himself, portraying various species of plants and animals in their original habitats prior to their extinction. Pamela Rosenkranz, with Slight Agitation, shows the action of a parasite active on a neurological level, which would appear to affect around 30% of the world population. A towering mountain of sand inside the Cisterna is imbibed with a fragrance obtained using feline pheromones recreated in a laboratory, capable of activating specific reactions of attraction and repulsion and of subconsciously influencing the movement of visitors. A green RGB light illuminates this enormous chemically altered mass, making the scent evaporate slowly. This sitespecific piece is designed to explore the ways through which physical and biological processes influence art.

What: Science and Art at Fondazione Prada.
When: Various dates
Where: Largo Isarco 2

Tel. +39 02.56662611 |

Rubens and the birth of the Baroque

A key artist in the history of European art, Peter Paul Rubens not well known in Italy, despite his contribution as a Baroque artist between 1600 and 1608. The show at Palazzo Reale highlights Rubens’s relationship with ancient art and classical statues, as well as his interest in the great masters of the Renaissance. The idea is to raise awareness of the extraordinary influence he had on the young protagonists of the Baroque period, such as Pietro da Cortona, Bernini, Lanfranco and Luca Giordano.

What: Rubens and the birth of the Baroque
When: Now until 26th February.
Where: Palazzo Reale

200 Photographs by Paolo Monti

An exhibition of 200 original photographs, taken between 1935 and 1982, along with magazines, books, documents and unseen film footage, investigates the work of one of the most important Italian photographers of the 20th century: Paolo Monti. An industrial manager, his love for photography grew to the point of making him choose it as a career, alongside his intense activity as a critic and curator. Starting in 1953 in Milan, he rose to become a photographer of international standing, working for the Triennials, for leading architecture studios (BBPR, Gio Ponti, Albini and Scarpa), for artists, as well as putting together his own major experimental and artistic production.

What: 200 Photographs by Paolo Monti
When: Now until 12th March 2017
Where: Castello Sforzesco.

Tel. +39 02.88463660 |

In the days of Sequins

Bringing together garments that have one thing in common: sequins. That is what Gian Luca Bovenzi, Ilaria De Palma and Barbara De Dominicis have done through a small and careful selection from among the more than 4,000 garments in the Palazzo Morando collections. With Ricami di Luce we may trace the evolution of sequins from 1770 to 2004, examining the fascinating journey of these little discs of light, first in metal then in gelatine, acetate, PVC, right up to the modern polyester. A homage to the work carried out in the 1970s by the costume historian Grazietta Butazzi, the starting point for the cataloguing currently underway.

What: In the days of Sequins
When: Now until 2th July 2017
Where: Palazzo Morando, Via Sant’Andrea 6.

Tel. +39 02.88446056 |

Keith Haring about Art

An exhibition curated by Gianni Mercurio traces the entire life and works of one of the artists best loved by the fashion community, Keith Haring, bringing to light a vast selection of works from around the world, and highlighting the figure of the militant artist with his broad-ranging and articulated references to other artists and languages. In his canvases and his graffiti works, these links constitute a meeting point between different yet universal cultures.

What: Keith Haring about Art
When: From 21 February to 18 June 2017
Where: Palazzo Reale

Tel. +39 02.88445181 |

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