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What To Expect From Rihanna’s Size-Inclusive Lingerie Line, Savage X Fenty.

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What To Expect From Rihanna’s Size-Inclusive Lingerie Line, Savage X Fenty.

When I say size inclusive I mean all sizes on all bodies and for all (ahem) endowments.

In a statement Rihanna describes the new Fenty product as an empowering experience.

Savage is about taking complete ownership of how you feel and the choices you make.


So far teaser images show a complete range of support lingerie. Bralette tops, full coverage bras, corsets and seamless cotton staples. Of course these are items you can get anywhere but Rihanna isn’t selling a bra she is selling an idea.

The video teasers on the Savage X Fenty Instagram show women with different body types, different breast sizes, different skin tones and different narratives wearing the product.

But their unifying message is, “I love me”.

“I have really giant boobs.”

Similar to the Fenty beauty launch Rihanna successfully unionizes women under a sparkling solidarity banner with a big red arrow pointing to her products and a message that reads “All Are Welcome” and it looks like it will pay off, again.

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