This Experimental Shoe Design By Alain Tondowski Is Stylish And Surprisingly Comfortable.

Shortly after Fashion Week ends there is a follow up event called ‘Press Day’ where fashion editors can go into the designer’s studio to look at the clothes up close and personal. We get to ask the designers questions and make selections for fashion photo shoots. We also get to try out the goods.

The Fashion Plate

Alain Tondowski SS19

No this it isn’t a strange thing to do. It is actually a good way to understand more about the designer’s abilities specific to quality and construction. At press day you might see an editor try on a coat or jacket, a necklace or hat, or a pair of shoes. Take the new SS19 Alain Tondowski half-moon shaped heel shown during Milan Fashion Week. From the minute I saw the experimental shoe design at the presentation I knew I wanted to try it on.


I had so many questions like, is it comfortable? Is it easy to walk in? Will I wobble as I strut down the street? The answers were yes, yes and no! Honestly, I was most concerned about the wobbling but the small square tack attached along the bottom of the crescent heel acts as a stabilizer.

The Fashion Plate

Alain Tondowski SS19

It’s brilliant.

These shoes would pair very well with the crisp summer dresses shown during Spring 2019 fashion week.


What do you think? Would you wear this new design?

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