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The Vitality Of The Issey Miyake Pleats

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The Vitality Of The Issey Miyake Pleats

Issey Miyake is a brilliant designer who continues to astound with the infinite ways he can make pleats sing.  His Spring 2016 collection “Botanical Delights” featured a showstopping finale of colorful waves of pleats inspired by the vitality of the lush jungle.

This film, titled “Baked Stretch”, is an artistic interpretation of the innovative pleated design technique made famous by the brand. Starring are the vibrant colors and ruffles of the pleats from the Spring 2016 finale.

London’s avant-garde photographer Jacob Sutton led the project from the idea, to the filming and editing. Inspired by the colorful prints, and the waves of horizontal and vertical patterns that characterize the collection, ” Backed Stretch ” describes the natural vitality of tropical plants – each wave transforming each movement – leading us through a jungle of pleats.

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