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The new Polaroid Snap: An instant camera with digital technology

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The new Polaroid Snap: An instant camera with digital technology


The Polaroid Snap is the latest addition of instant cameras that features digital technology.  Available towards the end of 2015, the Polaroid Snap aims to be a popular stocking-stuffer for the holiday season.

The Eco sensible camera is geared towards retro-nostalgic buyers and photography enthusiasts.  The Polaroid Snap takes 2 x 3-inch photographs (rectangular not square) in either color, black-and-white or using vintage filters. It works using Zero ® Ink printing technology, combining instant Polaroids to digital imaging which will enable users to both print and share physical photos, while saving their image on a 32GB SD card for uploading to a computer and any social media platform.

Other features include a timer and photobooth options that allow you to take six photos in 10 seconds. It is available in four different colours: black, blue, red and white, and it will retail at just under $100.

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