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‘Jerusalem Culture’ Festival Tells The Stories In The Holy City

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‘Jerusalem Culture’ Festival Tells The Stories In The Holy City

Jerusalem Season of Culture visual arts festival, “Under the Mountain”, featured designer Hed Mayner’s menswear collection. Photography: Cecile Bortoletti

Jeruselem is known as a holy city occupied by three main religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – and is claimed by both Palestinians and Jews as their capital.   The various identities that make up the known identity of Jerusalem are also what seems to divide it.  It is the aim of the Jerusalem Season of Culture to ‘tell the different stories of Jerusalem’, says its executive director, Naomi Bloch Fortis. ‘It’s a very, very unique story.’

The Jerusalem Season of Culture presents Under the Mountain, a festival that engages the community by displaying works of visual art. Taking place at Temple Mount – an ancient site in the Old City on which stands the golden Dome of the Rock, the festival, canceled last year because of the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, is hosting a number of discussions and presentations.

One of the events of the week included Israeli fashion designer Hed Mayner’s partnership with religious clothing merchant Bilal Abu-Khalaf for Le Dernier Cri.  The designers invited audiences to try on the new collection, made specifically for the festival and rooted in Jerusalem’s religious history.

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