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The Elegant Manurina Bag

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The Elegant Manurina Bag

We stumbled across the Manurina bag during a routine press day event.  The lovely bags stole our attention with their delightful shapes and vibrant colors.  We were equally drawn to the lovely designer behind the brand, Manuela Rinaldi, a passionate artist whose bags are inspired by art and structural design.

Manurina Luglio 201500336As we stood there chatting with Manuela dreaming about taking one her bags on Holiday to the tropics, we were ushered towards her new collection for Spring 2016.

The best thing about the Manurina bag is it’s sophisticated demeanor. The soft leather, expertly tailored and carefully structured, means you have an elegant and chic bag that has a presence all on its own.

Her signature design element, the cubic stud, offers a bit of personality without being overwhelming. The ‘Made in Italy’ bags come in geometric jacquard patterns and a color palette of bright, energetic and vibrant tones.


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