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The Beyonce X Balmain Capsule Collection Is Finally Here!

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The Beyonce X Balmain Capsule Collection Is Finally Here!

00_COVER_0The gear Beyonce wore during her iconic performance at Coachella is finally here. And it is an exact replica of the looks Beyonce wore on stage.

8_3-4 Medium_Sketch rose
Original fashion plate from the Beyonce X Balmain collection.
08_LANDSCAPE 850X638
Beyonce performing onstage during Coachella (2018)
11_3-4 Medium left_sweat rose
Beyonce X Balmain ($895)

The Beyonce X Balmain capsule collection riffs on the varsity styles and legacy of more than 100 of North America’s historically black colleges and universities.

Beyonce performing onstage during Coachella. (2018)
3_3-4 Medium_Sweat Jaune
Beyonce X Balmain sweatshirt. (895)
3-4 Small_focus sweat jaune
Beyonce X Balmain sweatshirt. (895)

The exclusive collection became available on Balmain’s e-commerce website yesterday.

You can find the complete collection here.


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