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The best daywear shoe: The Dior sneaker

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The best daywear shoe: The Dior sneaker

Dior elegantly reinterprets the classic slip-on shoe with a new couture sneaker called Dior Fusion.


I’ve been a fan of Prada loafers for many years and while I will always love the elegance of the hard shell classics I must admit I love the idea of versatility with a couture sneaker.

KCK104BRU_S900_C0The Dior Fusion sneakers combine function and beauty, and are simultaneously elegant and modern. Dior ingeniously eliminated the laces and designed the shoe with a slim silhouette and a natural round toe that make them comfortable and attractive.


The design elements are dainty and feminine with unique couture details such as the ribbon, the bow and the embroidery which is inspired by the floral world of Dior. The embroidery appears as clusters of shimmering florals on the black technical fabric which is mounted on the cushion of a white rubber sole.

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The one minute concept design video makes me want them even more.

photos: coutesy of Dior



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