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Sneak Peek: Inside Paul Insect’s “Reflective Minds” Exhibit. Opens NYC September 9th

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Sneak Peek: Inside Paul Insect’s “Reflective Minds” Exhibit. Opens NYC September 9th

Rumor has it that Paul Insect’s upcoming show in New York City has already been purchased by none other than Damien Hirst who is a fan of the British artist. This comes days before the exhibition scheduled in New York on September 9th.

Inside the artist’s studio | Paul Insect Press Images

Paul Insect, who also goes by the name of PINS, has worked alongside artist Banksy at the Cans Festival, the Santa’s Ghetto project in Bethlehem, and on the separation wall in Palestine.

Paul Insect in studio | Paul Insect Press Images

We got an opportunity to peek inside the artist’s studio as he was preparing works for Reflective Minds. The artist’s latest exhibition examines “the path to authenticity”.

In the artist’s studio with Paul Insect | Paul Insect Press Images

The title of the exhibition refers to transformation through self-reflection. It is meant to show a society of individuals who hide behind disingenuous expressions and insincerity. People who portray themselves as something that they are not, only showing their social side, or the face that they wish to be.

The new pieces are in the same vein of the works he showed back in 2016 in NYC and later that year in London- recognizable, often abstract, graphic-based paintings of classic portraiture.


Reflective Minds will be on view at Allouche Gallery in the Meatpacking District starting September 9th.

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  1. Congratulations Mr Insect! It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from another self taught artist! Rick

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