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Simonetta Ravizza Shows Ever-Timeless Luxury

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Simonetta Ravizza Shows Ever-Timeless Luxury

 Penned by Roman Kozak

On a sunny afternoon I went to my first Simonetta Ravizza fashion show which took place on Corso Venezia, an amazing street in the center of Milan with many beautiful palaces. The street’s luxurious buildings are a popular location for important designers to showcase their collections. I arrived wearing a total from Climber B.C. Sartorial. I felt really special being there for the runway show in such colorful designs which reflected the cities warm-autumn mood.

Roman Kozak in Climber B.C. sartorial at the Simonetta Ravizza fashion show photo by Paloma Montanaro

As I took my seat, the music started and the models began their ascent towards the crowd of photographers and I remembered thinking I made a great choice in style, I would pair well with a woman in the new Simonetta Ravizza collection. The season offerings were very relaxed and featured a beautiful, strong color palette.

For next spring Ravizza combined denim shirts and jackets with fur; for example, I really liked the the emblem and slogans set on the backs of jackets which were made entirely of fur.  So innovative and necessary, because who knows what unexpected cold might remain through-out the spring months.

Simonetta Ravizza’s collection featured contemporary silhouettes and tailoring traditions you would see in the male world, which she should keep in other seasons. Fur pieces for outerwear and day-wear, done in patterns such as stripes, were combined with military elements along the jacket sleeves and as embellishment on jumpsuits.

Amazing were the Furrissima bags which surprised me because of the color palette, and also I think it would be interesting for a woman to use such a luxury material as an accessory.

With all the interesting elements Simonetta Ravizza showed a fresh new point of view using fur, creating a whole new meaning to the concept of ever-timeless luxury…


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Nichelle Cole is the founder & creative director of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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