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Shoe of the day: Jimmy Choo

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Shoe of the day: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo – Milan: Collection Fall Winter 2016/2017 | Via Sacchi, 5/7, Milan, Italy

Maison’s history: Jimmy Choo was the brainchild of Matak “Jimmy” Choo and former Vogue editor Tamara Melloni. From the opening in 1996 Jimmy Choo shoes turned a profit thanks to ‘Sex & The City’ addicted women who loved Carrie Bradshaw’s empowered sense of glamour in Jimmy Choo shoes.

First Jimmy Choo shoe created in 1996 by Matak “Jimmy” Choo, his sister Sandra Choi under the creative direction of Tamara Melloni

Shoe pledge: From flats to sky high heels in all the colors and embellishments a girl can dream of, all whilst remaining as chic and elegant as Jimmy Choo’s first creation.

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