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Roman Kozak: Top 10 Menswear Style Trends For Spring.

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Roman Kozak: Top 10 Menswear Style Trends For Spring.

By: Roman Kozak
Instagram: @romankozak7

Style influencers such as Nick Wooster and Tinie Tempah inspire menswear looks from the classic to the next generation.  What both men have in common is a clear influence in style by iconic men of the past.

As a model working in Milan I know how the collections fit, feel and perform.  I know who from the past and the present influence designer collections. So I created a list of the top 10 menswear style trends for Spring/ Summer 2017.


Roman wears jacket by Lucio Vanoti and pants by Climber B.C. (photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC.

The most important style trend of the season is the “over-sized” trend. And who but Pablo Picasso the connoisseur of “the grand” style of dress is a better role model? He was the influencer of the trend while living in France often seen in over-sized sweaters and voluminous trousers.

Photo: Pablo Picasso receives Brigit Bardot in his studio

Polka Dots

Roman wears polka dot jacket and shirt by Michael Kors (Photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC.

As unconventional as transparent clothing is for menswear, polka dot prints are an equally unconventional and noticeable style trend today. Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt broke boundaries when he attended a movie premier (and the after party) in polka dots.

Style note: Wearing the same print for the total look intensifies the color and keeps a masculine edge.

Sport Short

Sport shorts are a key style essential in the gentleman’s wardrobe. The classic design is often seen at shows such as No21 and MSGM. An iconic image of Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara shows the artist in this style paint boxing on a huge canvas in his  studio.

Legendary artist Ushio Shinohara paint boxing in sport shorts in his studio.

The New Denim

Following the denim trends of Dsquared2, Philipp Plein and Roberto Cavalli I noticed classic denim hyped up with pins and applications. Bob Dylan wore patchwork denim to his concerts in the 60s. You cannot get more cool than that.


Giuseppe Buccinna long cotton sweater in cream. Roy Rogers pinstriped trousers. (photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC.

Stripes are everywhere. Spotted at shows such as of Lucio Vanotti, Helen Anthony and DAKS, stripes are bold and smart.  Artists such as Salvador Dali favored stripe jackets in the 60s.  An image of Dali wearing stripped pants while walking his antearer in Paris is still one of his most iconic images.

The White Sneaker

Roman wears Duvetica trench coat. Giuseppe Buccinna long cotton sweater in cream. Roy Rogers pinstriped trousers and Hogan ‘Rebel’ sneaker in white with black and white geometric laces (photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC

As a monochrome fashion trend the white sneaker has had popular status since the 1920’s. Epic brands like Hogan began their line of refined sneaker footwear in the 80s. But it was American actor Steve McQueen in a pair of Jack Purcell white trainers that made the sneaker iconic.

Steve McQueen in a pair of Jack Purcell sneakers

The Chino

The classic flat-front Chino style is back! A staple by the legendary Paul Newman who wore them everywhere, the stylish and comfy pants are a must-have for spring.

Paul Newman in flat front chinos

The Power Sandal

The sneaker may be the most popular shoe for men, but the sandal is back on trend thanks to designer’s like Les Hommes’ strong new aesthetic for the ancient footwear. In the summer, sandals are a stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe.

1936 Pablo Picasso in white gladiator sandles with his love, Dora Maar.

Contemporary sunglasses

Roman wears Alero sunglasses in tortoise shell. Les Hommes metallic silver jacket. Michael Kors polka dot tee in navy.  (Photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC.

The right shades can say a lot about your style and your personality. Andy Warhol was rarely seen without his sunglasses. Specialty eyewear brands like Alero use influencers like Warhol to create their superior eyewear designs– imagine New York City, the 60’s, Pop-art… Right!

Artist Andy Warhol in New York


Roman wears the Les Hommes metallic silver jacket. Michael Kors polka dot tee in navy. Climber B.C. sport short in blue. (Photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC.

Metallic material is a very specific trend – in 2013 Burberry gave it new life using metallic cloth for shirts and coats. The “King of Metallic Looks” Michael Jackson often wore metallic blazers during concerts. Today the reflective material has a futuristic, next generation feeling.

I hope you enjoyed your trip through the 2017 style trends for spring. Remember, the inspired man’s wardrobe is always creative and expressive…

Style Images of Roman Kozak:
Photography: Alexia Mariani
Styling: Maria Shefer & Francesco George Gazzaniga
MUA/ Grooming: Matteo Bartolino

About Roman Kozak

Roman Kozak in Giuseppe Buccinna sweater (Photograph: Alexia Mariani) ©The Fashion Plate Magazine, LLC.
Roman is an artist, art restoration curator, journalist and model. He was born in Lviv, Ukraine and studied at the university where he graduated in 2013 with a degree in Art and Restoration. Roman worked as a restorer in monastery ateliers and XVIII century cathedrals in Western Ukraine. He started modelling in 2012 and he is currently living and working as a model and journalist  in Milan, Italy.

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & creative director of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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