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Roman Kozak: “Fyodor Golan’s Strangers From London”.

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Roman Kozak: “Fyodor Golan’s Strangers From London”.

London always surprises me with its strangers. I’m a stranger too, and London is my dream city. It was always such a conservative, stable and aristocratic city… But in the 60s of last century the punk style began to take over and it created a contrast, an oppositional style to the stoic looks of Great Britain. And that’s why during London Fashion Week we can meet more expressive people such as the designer of Fyodor Golan who created a strange collection for the next cold season.

Designers are using old images for their prints and altering them in their own style for innovation. Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” and a retro image of a Coca Cola woman made an eccentric mix for the Fydor Golan prints.


I don’t see my girl wearing such pieces, and to be honest the wet hair and smoky eye repels me even more because it’s not exactly the look I’d use for a girl with these clothes.

The collection doesn’t seem to me womanly with its acute angles and bright plastic circles which overwhelm the satin and velvet items.

Fyodor Golan Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in London
Fyodor Golan Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in London

But wait, I see new silhouettes on the runway, with pieces we know as Le Rouge which are looking pretty nice on the sleeves and on this deep red dress! Screenshot_2016-02-22-11-04-47But in truth if I saw my girlfriend in Fyodor Golan with Le Rouge waving by in wind,  coming to meet me for the aperitif, I would probably stand with my mouth open.

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