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Prada’s Display Windows Dedicated To An Unlikely Space.

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Prada’s Display Windows Dedicated To An Unlikely Space.


‘Corners’ by Prada is a unique design installation based upon a concept to draw attention to an unnoticed space.  Created in collaboration with furniture designer Martino Gamper, ‘Corners’ is part of a series to showcase the Prada Fall/Winter 2015-16 collections around the world.

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Creative Director Miuccia Prada is the most likely to notice an artisan like Gamper who first took an interest in furniture design when he was just 14 years old.  And while many overlook corners Martino Gamper somehow saw the appeal, as they have been a recurring theme in his work for some time.

Prada commissioned Gamper to create ‘Corners’ as an evolutionary window design concept in which Gamper was allowed to pay homage to the humble space.

The designs draw inspiration from perspective, fragments and contrasts between natural materials. Those elements are enhanced by the simplicity of a corner which is a common thread for all the displays. ‘Corners’ is a space within a space making each display a unique story with great appeal thanks to its ‘beauty-in-simplicity’ approach. Prada’s plan is to evolve the series with each season.

In the 70 second video below the Italian-born London-based designer reveals that this is the first time he’s applied this idea to window theatricals, which is now on display worldwide. This just goes to show that the simplest of all architectural features – can be a theme.

“My love for the corner has been a constant theme in my practice and an idea that I am frequently drawn back to,” he says. “A corner is often an overlooked, underused space at the edge of the room. My aim is to create a perspective that brings this neglected space to the front of the vitrine, emphasizing the corners spatial complexity.” Because sometimes – and especially when so many are shouting to be heard – the most understated efforts can make the most confident impact.  Martino Gamper

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