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Pallas Paris Fall 2016: The Tuxedo For The Modern Woman.

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Pallas Paris Fall 2016: The Tuxedo For The Modern Woman.

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“When someone suggested that I meet the Maison Pallas,
just the idea of breathing the air of an atelier again was enough.
Then, what I saw won me over. The place is run by a discreet
yet headstrong duo who officiates with passion and maestria.
The quality and uncompromising standard of their work brings
a whole new, rigorous, modern and daring vocabulary
to this infinitely sensual, androgynous and armor-like classic.
And so I wanted to associate my story with theirs.”

Violetta Sanchez, Muse of Helmut Newton

Pallas is a brand devoted to the tuxedo, reinventing it for use for the modern woman. The tuxedo, once a revolutionary style that modernized formal wear by inspiring men to replace traditional tailcoats with more casual shortened dinner jackets, is now a formal wear standard for men.

Some might see adapting the tuxedo for womenswear as strange but design duo Daniel Pallas and Véronique Bousquet make it work, they push the boundaries of the formal jacket and trouser playing with textiles and silhouettes offering day to night versions of the formal suit that easily translates from work to cocktail hour.

Not since Calvin Klein, known for simple, youthful understated clothing, has a brand managed to keep interests high using a simplistic design formula. And in the case of Pallas, continued interests is attributed to the brand’s reinvention of their shirts and coats.

For example for Fall 2016 novelty came through a double-breasted mannish coat with a handsome new shoulder, cut lower than before to host a thicker winter tuxedo. The label also stepped up its shirt production, using black, deep red and crisp white organza.

The beauty of the brand is their focus on the elegance and timelessness of the tuxedo DNA, and while they won’t fit into any off runway trends their pieces will never go out of style either.

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