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On The Shelf: Matthew Williamson’s Fashion, Print & Coloring Book

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On The Shelf: Matthew Williamson’s Fashion, Print & Coloring Book

“This book is for everyone to enjoy – young or not so young, novice or experienced artist.” -Matthew Williamson

Fashion, Print and Colouring launches today worldwide. Published by Laurence King, it is the first ever coloring book by a fashion designer. Start a kaleidoscopic journey into Matthew’s world: step inside the studio, see behind-the-scenes photographs and then color in the print yourself.

Sixteen chapters are each dedicated to iconic prints from the last 20 years. They begin with Matthew’s research process then show the design come to life on the catwalk before finishing with the final print.

“Twenty years ago I set up my fashion company, and so I wanted to mark this occasion by creating something personal yet also something to be shared and enjoyed.”
-Matthew Williamson

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