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The new MSGM store combines fashion and art.

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The new MSGM store combines fashion and art.

MSGM-Showroom-by-Fabio-Ferrillo-Off-Arch-Yellowtrace-05The outfitting of Riccardo Grassi showroom, dedicated to MSGM, and curated by architect Fabio Ferrillo of Off Arch studio, is based on the creation of an ‘emotional room’ – a space with a strong visual and emotional impact, meant to surprise buyers and lead them to the majestic spaces dedicated to MSGM’s collections.

MSGM-Showroom-by-Fabio-Ferrillo-Off-Arch-Yellowtrace-04In stark contrast with the building’s industrial heritage, the room’s mirrored flooring reflects an original 1970s playground, reinterpreted through a galvanised brass plating, to evoke the viewer’s childhood memories.

The walls are papered with huge pictures from the series ‘Gaz Rares’ by Parisian photographer Stanislas Wolff, thus immersing guests in a silent, emotionally tense, outdoors nighttime setting.

The imposing space maintains the building’s original industrial essence but is embellished by contrasting brushed brass elements and large methacrylate sheets for a more contemporary touch. These sheets create delicate transparencies and juxtapositions, resulting in a bright and sophisticated area.

MSGM-Showroom-by-Fabio-Ferrillo-Off-Arch-Yellowtrace-06Accessories are placed on blocks of rough plaster suspended on brushed brass structures, thus dynamically separating the different aspects of the collection.

MSGM Milano
Via Ponte Vetero, 9 20121, Milano MI
02 3659 568

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