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Maserati and Zegna creates the ultimate Maserati for girls!

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Maserati and Zegna creates the ultimate Maserati for girls!

An unconventional fabric has been developed by fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna as a new trim line for Maserati to attract female buyers.

Two luxury brands whose roots are steeped in Italian heritage have come together to offer “something unique” explains, Zegna’s CEO Gildo Zegna citing ‘innovation, and a play to appeal to women.

The new Maserati is trimmed in Silk designed by Zegna.  The material created for the seats is much heavier, at 320g per metre versus 150g for suits, and despite Zegna’s highly complex weaving machines the process for the Maserati fabric still involved treatment by human hands to create a warmer fabric than the typical metal, leather and wood automotive staples. As chairman Paolo Zegna explains,

‘We learned a lot from this collaborative process, using Chinese silk woven in Italy. We believe it will be very hard for anyone to copy it due to the amount of work we’ve put in.’

Maserati announced that the Zegna name will become a specific and long-standing trim option, used for the seats, door linings and ceiling headliners on its regular production models.


The Zegna trim models are comfortable, cool and non-stick in hotter climates, where full-leather can be unpleasant. And in terms of design and placement, the material’s use is subtle and understated. Indeed, the only Zegna badging on the car is on the back of the sun visor when folded down, a bit like the label on a dresses inside collar. Refreshing.

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