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Lucio Costa: For The Artist.

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Lucio Costa: For The Artist.

Penned by Roman Kozak

During the fashion week in Milan Lucio Costa introduced his capsule collection for Spring 2017 via a portrait photo exhibition.

The atmosphere was very artistic. Grand images were printed and propped along the stately walls. The large photos spanned the length from the floor to ceiling.  Guests moved slowly from one image to another while relaxing lounge music sounded.

photo by ©Roman Kozak

The capsule collection was showcased on models who walked alongside the guests through the exhibition from room to room . They were easy to spot thanks to the sleek minimal designs on a largely black and white color palette.


The concept of the Luca Costa capsule collection was presented as “the trust of what would be”. The bold graphics, asymmetrical cuts and fabric manipulations impressed me along with the clean lines and sensitive cuts which made this collection specially made by Lucio Costa.lucio-costa-1-lrlucio-costa-2-lrcopertina_so_lucio4shot_1474659308628

“Lucio Costa” (2016), photo by ©Roman Kozak


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