Jil Sander Resort 2018 (photo: Jil Sander)

Jil Sander Continues To Make Changes, Appoints Axel Keller CEO.

Written by Lucas Pantoja
The Fashion Plate

Axel Keller, the newly appointed CEO of Jil Sander.

Minimalist designer brand Jil Sander recently appointed Axel Keller their new CEO, as previous woman in charge Alessandra Bettari takes on her new role as vice president of OLG (Onward Luxury Group): the corporation to which the brand is operated by.

The Fashion Plate

Jil Sander Spring 2019

Keller who was just named commercial director for the brand in February of 2018, has a substantial history within the industry having served as commercial director for Balenciaga for 15 years, and Maison Margiela for 12 years.

The Fashion Plate

Jil Sander Spring 2019

With Jil Sander back in 2017 placing it’s creative direction into the hands of Lucie and Luke Meier, the company seems to be furthering its all around growth. And as Jil Sander continues to change from within, what changes will this bring about the brand’s image from the inside out?

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