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How To Wear The Pajama Robe Coat As Daywear.

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How To Wear The Pajama Robe Coat As Daywear.

Just in time for the weather to take a chilly turn, this year’s coziest trend is cementing it’s spot in our wardrobes. Between the rich silks, soft velvets, and hints of cozy fur, the coming year is looking to be our comfiest yet, and we’re not protesting.

Ready to try it out? Here’s how to wear the pajama robe coat as daywear.


First step, pick up a PJ robe coat. Spotted, the Pierre-Louis Mascia robe, the silk coat is part Hugh Hefner, part Kim Novak in Vertigoand 100% applicable to your everyday style.

Second, toss it over jeans to add polish to a casual look and glitz it out with chandelier earrings and kitten heels, and finally pair it with a satin camisole for a full-on boudoir-inspired ensemble.

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