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Grinko SS17: Hard-Core Underground Revolution

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Grinko SS17: Hard-Core Underground Revolution

Penned by Melissa Lupo

Grinko is part of the underground revolution and the mood is hard-core.

Major throwbacks to London 90’s punk with hair pulled tight or buzzed, minimal accessories, save the random hat piercing and elegant high street heel or street style flat shoe. The intentional avant-garde attitude is seamlessly expressed across generations thanks to a conscious mixing of silk-jacquard, fine cottons, linen and high-tech materials like transparency in plastic patches and blouses.

The collection screams freedom by using light fabrics, tie-dyed frills streaming from strategic points like the hips, chest, and back, and billowing shapes with overall movement that is reminiscent of a 60’s bohemian, New York vibe.

Excess and deviance is apparent with exaggerated shoulders and either high-contrast black and white or monochromatic palettes in pastels like lavender, pinks, and blues. The colors recall the same found on power suits of the ‘80’s in Milan and Paris, but then re-imagined with an irreverent attitude. An iconic element of the collection is the unapologetic messaging from designs created by graphic artist Irina Matyschenko, representing a next-gen version of innocence lost.



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