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TFP Exclusive Editorial: The Bold Type.


TFP Exclusive Editorial: The Bold Type.

Model Liza @Lab Models makes her editorial debut in The Fashion Plate Magazine in The Bold Type, a fashion story inspired by life in the big city, captured exclusively for The Fashion Plate Magazine and shot by fashion photographer Aleksandr Pershin. Styling is the work of Angelina Lepper with assistance from newcomer Anam Tanoli.

The Fashion Plate Exclusive

For the session Liza wears select pieces from Stella JeanGiorgio Armani, Moncler, Max Mara, Byblos, Giada, Aniye Bi, Daisy Shelly, Ottod’Ame, La Perla, Cuanna, Beatrice and Melcampo with shoes and accessories by Mila Schön, Spazio, Racine CarreèVernissage, Cividini, Moy Atelier, and Paula Cademartor. Discover more of the story below:

Whata beautiful day-3
Jumpsuit: Aniye By
Coat: Giada
Shoes: Spazio
Bag: Paula Cademartori
Whata beautiful day-6
Skirt: Stella Jean
Shirt: Daizy Shelly
Bag: Armani
Shoes: Racine Carreè

Whata beautiful day-7
Top: La Perla
Skirt: Daizy Shelly
Fur: Cuanna
Ring: Vernissage
Whata beautiful day-4
Jacket: Ottod’Ame
Body Suit: Moncler
Pants: Beatrice
Earrings: Mila Schön
Whata beautiful day-11version2
Earrings: Armani
Jacket: Moncler
Top: Gilberto Calzolari
Shorts: Les Copains
Whata beautiful day-2version1
Pants and Tunic: Max Mara
Dress: Melampo
Top: Byblos
Sunglasses: Moy Atelier

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & creative director of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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