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Borusan Contemporary Art Prize Awarded To Kalliopi Lemos.

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Borusan Contemporary Art Prize Awarded To Kalliopi Lemos.

kla2London-based Greek artist Kalliopi Lemos has been announced the winner of the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection Prize for 2015. The award was created to fund the acquisition of an artwork exhibited at the Moving Image Istanbul art fair for The Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, the 600-strong collection of Turkey’s leading platform for media arts.

Lemos was awarded the Prize for her 16mm B&W with sound work “At the Center of the World” 2015 which is on show this month at the booth of London gallery Gazelli Art House which represents Lemos.

According to the curatorial statement provided by Gazelli Art House and written by Dr. Marilena Zaroulia, “Lemos’s new piece expands her ongoing exploration of bodies in unnatural positions, diverse scales and the quest for balance and she asks from the visitor to find ‘the centre’, their own compass for this universe.

“‘At the Centre of the World’ opens a space for visitors to reconsider the tension between inside and outside, body and spirit, material and immaterial; ultimately, the work raises questions about the limits and pain of the human body while hinting at all that cannot be fathomed or expressed in the quest for a place ‘at the centre of the world’.”

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