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Belstaff Pre-Fall 2016.

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Belstaff Pre-Fall 2016.

Belstaff Pre-Fall 2016

Belstaff Pre-Fall 2016 collection focused on the all-important outerwear category—biker leathers; upsized MA-1s; cinched-in M-65s; and Belstaff’s own Rider, Pathmaster, and Roadmaster jackets, as well as an interesting hybrid of alpine down and Donkey jacket, plus a trucker—which mixed hard and soft elements. Creative director Delphine Ninous’s focus is on recasting the standards for female consumers. This she does by refining their fabrication, finessing their silhouettes, then finally modifying their motifs and hardware.


The angled breast pocket—originally a pragmatic innovation to provide ergonomic access for bikers on the go—was demoted to a decorative feature on Rider jackets in waterproof, superlight wool. Bikers strafed with the house corrugations came weathered, “tumbled,” and light enough to work as under-layers below a statement double-breasted great coat with a detachable coyote pelt collar. High-volume, low-weight knits featured fringing patterned to evoke the bikers’ lines.


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