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Alexander McQueen’s “Lolita” Collection For Pre-Fall 2016

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Alexander McQueen’s “Lolita” Collection For Pre-Fall 2016

The Alexander McQueen collection for pre-fall 2016 is shocking in its overt sexiness.  Never in the brand’s history has there been such a direct line to sex.  Typically the sexuality is shrouded in some fantastical novelty.

This is a big departure for Sara Burton and the Alexander McQueen we’ve come to know. This collection is more approachable and more understandable than the highly conceptual collections that are typically ear-marked for the MET museum.

Another surprise is the beauty.  The contrast of womanly colors and curvaceous shapes on the young, pale, slick-haired, ruby-lipped model is highly suggestive, and again, a big change for the brand.

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2016
Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2016

But the overt nature of the collection is saved by the powerful vintage jewel-like embellishments on delicate tulle.  Their fancifulness instills a child-like wonder back into the clothes making them feel more girlish and fun.  Butterflies, lips, beetles, jewels, moths, hearts and skulls were among the many decorative effects. A fitted black suit with flared trousers is embroidered with butterflies, lips and eyes in primary colors, while a sleeveless dress comes with a sheer top adorned with appliquéd butterflies and flowers.

Topping off the visual splendor are marabou feather chubbies in bold shades of jade or tomato red.

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