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Alessandro Enriquez: ‘An Italian Theory’.

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Alessandro Enriquez: ‘An Italian Theory’.

Penned by Melissa Lupo

For the first time, Alessandro Enriquez creates a capsule collection that carries his name, presenting a line of women’s purses that radiates the warmth of the colorful women of his heritage.

Small trinkets and details found on gifts from his grandmother like a bracelet from the ‘50’s fixed with costume jewels point to precise design choices that define the woman of Alessandro Enriquez.

His joyful and carefree attitude is ever present in the collection, channeling his  enthusiasm for his Southern roots. Vivid colors like turquoise and aqua-marine, red lacquer and sunny yellow are diffused throughout the collection and recall the same bold palettes found in the ‘70’s.

Detailed embroidery, stitching, and laser cuts weave a story of a contemporary woman, presenting diverse models for a stylish woman on the go- like shopper bags, clutches, and ovals. Delicate piping is either monocromatic or contrasting, and is a subtle but key design choice that shows close attention to detail.

The story of Alessandro Enriquez’s SS17 collection is more of a musical, one that rings of a melody that is complex and passionate, a tune that is memorable and poised to be a classic for years to come.


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